The SMOCH monastic library was officially opened June 2017 at the World Congress. Several donors and estate libraries have been donated and are housed on Nevis Island in a secure, concrete, air-conditioned building. Practically all texts have been transcribed to pdf documents for use by online students. PanAm courses have links to accompanying pdf texts making them all inclusive.



Hard drive of texts = 80+ GBs

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We supply complete reference libraries and dictionaries...

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All testing is online and is automated in real-time.

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Unique Medical Monastery

Bridging the divide between Medicine and 'Religion' (Spiritual Healing)

Quantum physicists now admit the divide between science and religion is a very thin veil. Spirit has much to do with health and illness, and one must examine more carefully the tenets of the ancients. Our online OMD program is suited to practicing acupuncturists seeking the advanced knowledge taken from the sacred Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese texts.

Video Learning Format

We believe that experiential knowledge is infinitely more valuable than detached book learning. The richness of today's internet brings sight and sound. If a picture is with worth a thousand words, then a one hour documentary video could be worth a million. The richness of communion, to be in Holy Presence while history is in the making, brings it home.